Ever sit at your computer dreading the task ahead?

Why can’t things just be quick and easy to do?! After all, technology was meant to make life easier, not harder, right?

Now there is a way to make your everyday tasks faster, simpler and a pleasure to complete: Genius Shortcuts.

International life coach Bert Verdonck is bringing Genius Shortcuts to New Zealand for the first time.

This is your chance to turn your working life around. After you attend Genius Shortcuts, technology will no longer hold you back. You’ll achieve much more in less time, without those technology headaches.

Bert teaches you how to truly master technology. You’ll experience Genius Shortcuts, Bert’s system that combines a wealth of tips, tricks and tools to save you hours of wasted time and frustration, whether you’re a novice with computers or an IT expert. In fact, Bert guarantees he’ll save you 2 hours every working day!

Join thousands across the UK and Europe who are using Genius Shortcuts to win their battle with technology, advance their careers, and create more time to do what’s really important.

“The Genius Shortcuts training makes you think about the way you are working with your computer and especially the time you are wasting on it.” Piet Van den Bergh – Teamcoach Legal Department – Acerta

Read what others are saying about Genius Shortcuts.

You’ll discover Genius Shortcuts such as:

– How to easily exchange even very large files (even >1Gb!).
– How to organise meetings without countless calls and emails to schedule and reschedule.
– Put an end to computer crash nightmares – easy daily backups without doing anything!
– The top time-saving shortcuts for Word, Excel and Powerpoint.
– Quickly change any file format.
– Stay on top of 300 websites in 30 minutes.
– and more!

The NZ seminars start at the end of September 2009. Check out the events page to find out when you can attend the next Genius Shortcuts event.

“Genius Shortcuts literally opens your eyes! I was astounded several times about the incredible possibilities with simple tools … highly recommended!” Katrien Goris – HR Officer – Boerenbond

Discover some FREE lifehacking tips and tools right now!
100 emails in 1 hour
Travel ‘worst-case scenario’

Find out what others are saying about Genius Shortcuts or take control of your time starting today and choose the seminar you’ll be attending.

By the way, if it’s easier for you to register by phone, feel free to call Naadia on (+64) 09 524 9863


2 Responses to

  1. Margaret Maclaurin says:

    Hi, have been recommended by a friend to attend the two hour seminar – looking forward to it!

  2. Sherrill Burton says:

    Looking forward to catching up w/ you online!


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