What others are saying about Genius Shortcuts…

“Genius Shortcuts literally opens your eyes! I was astounded several times about the incredible possibilities with simple tools, most of them freely available on the Internet. Every tip and tool saves me minutes, even hours of time. Highly recommended!” Katrien Goris – HR Officer – Boerenbond (Belgium’s Largest Agricultural Federation)

“A very interesting training, instantly applicable, also for non-IT people (people with no technical background). Both Bert’s approach and style are very clear and attractive. Especially Genius Shortcuts like : How to write emails in no time – Applying RSS to read hundreds of websites in a very short amount of time – Using 3 folders in Outlook – Applying Outlook Paradise. [They] are immediately applicable and guarantee I am saving a lot of time” Katja Van Lierde – Learning Consultant – Belgacom (Belgium’s largest Telco)


“This training is a real eye-opener! I feel like immediately implementing all the tools. I consider myself as an IT-novice, but through this training I gained a lot of confidence to get started with these practical tools and allow them in ‘my life’ to gain significant timesavings.” Sara De Clerck – Project Coordinator – University of Hasselt

“The Genius Shortcuts training has a reasonable high pace, making it easy to stay focused. A lot of “Wow”, “OMG”, “Aha” moments, with a clear sense of our every day business reality. Bert smoothly answers every question and deals effortlessly with the resistance (to change). It was also sufficiently Mac oriented and Bert has a great, positive “Consumers Union”-like attitude.” Piet Bries – HR-manager – Idewe (Belgium’s largest occupational health service)

“‘Genius Shortcuts is for me : working more efficiently – to the point – logical – easy and immediately applicablea lot of timesavings thanks to a focused approach on dealing with the information overload.” Eve Deprez – architect en professor Theories of Architecture

“The Genius Shortcuts training makes you think about the way you are working with your computer and especially the time you are wasting on it. I have been looking in vain for several of these tools on the Internet myself and I never found them. Bert presents them here on a silver platter. Luckily he doesn’t know how we will actually spend the extra time he created for us.” Piet Van den Bergh – Teamcoach Legal Departement – Acerta (HR Services Group)

“Based on 3 years of close collaboration, I would describe Bert Verdonck as an outstanding trainer with great empathy and integrity. I credit Bert with giving memorable workshops and valuable trainings with lasting impressions and high feedback scores of above 90%. Being consistently attentive, Bert is always connecting with his audience in a very interactive way.

In such way, he makes sure that all participants get the most out of their training. Bert’s audience centred approach, his enthusiasm, pragmatic knowledge and flexibility make him stand out in his fields of expertise.

Bert is also a creative mind and herewith I would like to thank him for his contribution of extra value by providing regular additional insights, new case studies and fine tuned role playing games to adapt our course material in favour of our challenging audience. I frequently work together with Bert as I consider him to be an excellent trainer. He consistently achieves great results and delivers all expectations. Over 1,000 people [have] already enjoyed Bert as their inspirational trainer and role model.

I am confident in recommending Bert Verdonck, specifically for his eagerness to succeed in his endeavours and his strongly developed mental tactics  to stretch people’s minds.”

Yours faithfully,
Yves Miserez
Director – Trainer, Optima Facto


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