Any Video, Any Language

What do you do with videos you don’t understand (because you don’t speak the language)? 

Right, you select the subtitles, but how do you do that with YouTube or Vimeo movies? Uhm, ok.


Living in Belgium means we are accustomed to multiple languages (3 official languages Dutch, French and German).

Then the question arises, how do we understand brilliant videos in other languages? Right, by using subtitles.

How do we get subtitles in online movies?

Simply by using this Genius Shortcut : dotSUB.

Dot Sub LogoI came across this great platform with one unbelievable strong extra asset over YouTube and Vimeo. You guessed it right : the subtitles. 

Ladies and Gents, I hereby present you to dotSUB – Any Video Any Language!

So, what exactly is it?

dotSUB is a browser based tool enabling subtitling of videos on the web into and from any language. There is nothing to buy and nothing to download.

Recognizing the potential of global communication powered by the Internet, the founders of dotSUB created a web-based tool that enables video to be accessed in an open, collaborative, “wiki” type environment.

The dotSUB tool gives anyone the ability to translate video content into multiple languages via subtitles rendered over the bottom of the video.

Check out the dotSUB site to see loads of videos being translated every day!  Isn’t this cool?

By the way, there is plenty of room for you to jump right in too. Upload your own video and start translating it and go that extra mile for your viewers!

Let me give you 2 examples :

Did you know?” is an outstanding video. Their newest version (3.0) is now out and translated with dotSUB in a wide range of languages.

“Twitter in plain English” is probably the best instructional video on the planet explaining what Twitter is. This video reached over 2 million viewers on dotSUB only!


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