Go Bananas!

Go Bananas logoShowing up and helping people in need, stepping up for charities and giving back to society in general are very important for my wife Tonia and I. In 2008 I dedicated about 10% of my time to contribute to these initiatives.

Our main charity projects is Go Bananas. Our goal was to find a way to help Kevin Allen, The Banana Man, with his amazing goal of providing 1,000,000 meals for the forgotten orphans in Zululand, South Africa. We decided to step up and set ourselves an ambitious goal of 10%, which is a whopping 100,000 meals.


As most of you already know we created a challenge for ourselves to walk 100 km (60 miles) in 1 day. Supporters could sponsor us for every km we walked. We also found a number of corporate sponsors and presented several banana deals.

With additional help and events, we received more money. We finally calculated the new total and we are so happy!

We gave € 6,417 to Banana Appeal in total (that’s around $13,000 NZD).

This means that we surpassed our ambitious goal and more children will be fed thanks to all our sponsors and supporters.

This eye-watering result made us realize how great we have it in our own life.

Not only do we have a roof over our head, but also plenty of food, drinks and even a car. We go on holidays and enjoy time with friends and family. I feel so grateful every day! Do you too?

We are still fundraising and accepting gifts for Go Bananas.

In the meantime, think about your own actions to step up and give back to society and charities. Now would be a great time to take that extra step!

And if you can’t choose which one, send me an email, we always welcome extra support for Go Bananas!


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