About Bert

From 115 hours of hard work to 40 hours of joy – and 30% more income – Bert Verdonck decided that he needed to reclaim his life.

Burdened by overwork with no time to enjoy family life, he took time out to discover exactly how he could reduce his workload and still achieve the same results.

Leaving behind stress overload, he set out on an 8 month research journey that included 28 books, 80 websites and walking 800 kilometers, which not only revealed who he was, but how he could achieve more with far less effort.

Now he has distilled this new found knowledge for anyone who wants to work less hours and master the magic of technology.

Bert VerdonckHi, I’m Bert Verdonck.

I’ve been described as an “outstanding coach”, life hacker and a creative mind.

I also contribute by connecting people, writing blogs and sharing knowledge, as well as hosting a radio show. I support the charity Go Bananas!

I am from the home of chocolate (Belgium) and the city of diamonds (Antwerp).

TESTIMONIAL: “I consider myself as an IT-novice, but through [Berts] training I gained a lot of confidence to get started with these practical tools and allow them in ‘my life’ to gain significant timesavings.” Sara De Clerck – Project Coordinator – University of Hasselt (what others are saying)

My Motto

Enjoy Every Day!

My Values

Creativity, Freedom, Love/Affection/Friendship, Pleasure/Fun, Honesty, Passion/Perseverance

I am offering

  • Genius Shortcuts (Lifehacking) seminars, public speaking, trainings, tips & tricks
  • Expertise in professional networking
  • Expertise in online technologies
  • Expertise in integrated communication, sales & marketingprocesses & supporting tools
  • Expertise in biometrics (fingerprint, iris scan, facial recognition, …)
  • Extremely good at solving problems!
  • Exceptional creativity
  • Fastthinker and chameleon, I can get along with (almost) everybody in an organization

I guarantee you will save at least 2 working hours a day with my proven tips, tricks and tools that you can apply instantly.

I look forward to spending time with you at one of my upcoming New Zealand events.

You can reach me directly on: info@bertverdonck.com or contact my NZ team on: info@genniusshortcuts.co.nz

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My 50 Keywords

Create, Connect, Contribute, Tonia, Networker, Creator, Entrepreneur, Fun, Ideas, Problem Solver, Resourcefulness, Building Relationships, Life Hacking, Partnership, Public Speaking, Connector, Empathy, Fast thinking, Commitment, Energy, Sharing, Happiness, Enthusiasm, Respect, Trust, Internet, Business Development, Integrity, Whales, Dreams, Sea, Travel, India, New Zealand, Australia, Hawaii, Movies, Reading, Sailing, Golf, Yoga, Anthony Robbins, Robin Sharma, Paulo Coelho, Spiritual, Health, Food, Drinks, Financial Independence, Giving


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