Bert is now in New Zealand and available for interviews.

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Working fewer hours without earning less

Bert Verdonck promises to save New Zealanders 2 hours every working day.

This is the first time his lifehacking approach, Genius Shortcuts, has been brought to New Zealand. Bert is from Antwerp, the city of diamonds, in Belgium, the country of chocolate. He has just arrived in New Zealand and is touring the country for the next 3 weeks.

Genius Shortcuts consists of using a multitude of simple technology tricks and tools to save time. Bert is teaching a series of Genius Shortcuts seminars and workshops in Auckland, starting September 28th. Bert’s Genius Shortcuts are already being used by thousands across the UK and Europe.

Genius Shortcuts is typically attended by busy office workers, managers and business owners; struggling with fewer resources and a higher workload as a by-product of the cost-cutting exercises of the recession. Another common demographic who attend these seminars are women, concerned their grasp of technology is affecting their career advancement.

“It is clear that most people are afraid of technology, because no one ever showed them how simple it really can be.” Bert says.

“From 115 hours of hard work to 40 hours of joy and 30% more income, I decided I needed to reclaim my life.” says Bert, “I was burdened by overwork with no time to enjoy family life, so I took time out to discover exactly how I could reduce my workload and still achieve the same results.”

Bert became fascinated with Lifehacking, which originated in 1994, when Danny O’Brien, a journalist, first referred to applications that automate routine jobs. Examples of lifehacking include: reading 3 times faster in 15 minutes, viewing 200 images in 20 seconds and writing 100 personalised emails in 1 hour. Bert created Genius Shortcuts as his personal flavour of lifehacking.

Amongst Bert’s other areas of expertise are – public speaking, online technologies and coaching.


For further details contact: Bert Verdonck – Email: Website:


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